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Application directly on any existing hard surface.


With SEMCO’s unique REMODEL WITHOUT REMOVAL ™ system you can remodel any solid surface without the cost, inconvenience and potential environmental damage associated with the removal of the existing surface. SEMCO surface engineers have perfected this method through the use of the X-Bond Seamless Stone, which chemically adheres to any existing surface. This system saves clients time and cost on their projects, while offering significant “GREEN” benefits.

Additionally X-Bond Seamless Stone has been certified with the best results for indoor air quality.

What does removal mean on a project?

Removal often means :

  • the complete removal of the existing substrate
  • additional time and costs
  • noise and dust on your project
  • depending on your the demolition, a new smooth substrate needs to be installed
  • additional waste
  • SEMCO is only 3-4mm thin
  • can be applied to almost any hard surface
  • fast and easy installation. In only a few days to a complete new surface
  • can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating
  • suitable for floors and walls in residential and commercial use
SEMCO fugenloser Bodenbelag fugenlose Bodenbeläge
new seamless floor applied directly on existing stone floor.
Remodel Without Removal
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