This home was featured in October’s Grand Designs show on Channel 4 UK.

Joe and Lina are a young couple living in London. The busy city is not only known for its beautiful historical buildings but also for soaring property prices and rent. Being designers themselves, it was only natural to grasp the idea of building their own home. Soon ideas started to gather and the project turned into reality. From the beginning, it was clear that it was not suppose to be like every other residential home – but a “one of a kind”.

For more infos on the house, visit warehome’s website.

It is a small house but packed with thoughtful innovations and modern design elements on the inside. It is the perfect example of how to make the most out of limited space without looking cramped. With our seamless floors, SEMCO helped to create a sense of open space. The big windows bring in natural sunlight and the light colours brighten up the interior.

Read more about our Q&A with Joe on his house on Grand Designs.

SEMCO Grand Designs
SEMCO Grand Designs
SEMCO Grand Designs
SEMCO Grand Designs Bathroom


  • SEMCO X-Bond System Polished Bond
  • Satin Stone Sealer
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