Fallstudie : London Art House

Resurfacing an entire lobby without closing it down.


This building in Hackney London is housing residential apartments, offices on the ground floor and also two restaurants. The area Hackney is a rising neighbourhood in London which is being developed into an upmarket area. In that process this building is in line for a remodel and the design team wanted to have a modern seamless finish.

On the floors of the lobby are tiles which already show cracks and the hallways still have carpet. The main challenge on this project are:

• Staying within a reasonable budget
• Lobby and hallways must stay open during the day due to residents, restaurants and offices
• Easy to maintain


London Art House Lobby 03
Case Study : London Art HouseThe lobby had old tiles and the corridors old carpet
London Art House Lobby 02
Case Study : London Art HouseAll the access to apartments and offices were through the lobby

SEMCO was chosen for this project due to its well know high-performance green surfacing systems.

Exploring Alternatives

The architects had a few options in this scenario :
For new tiles they would have to remove all the existing tiles, grinding away the old surface to create a new smooth surface again for new tiles. This alternative would create a lot of noise and dust.
The second alternative would be polished concrete, but for this the old tiles would still have to be taken out and the entire floor needed to be lowered by another 20-30mm.

Both alternatives would be very labour intensive, noisy and most importantly : The entire lobby must be shut down for those processes. Since closing down the lobby would mean that residents could not enter their homes anymore and the offices would not be accessible, neither of the above mentioned alternatives were an option. The architects reached out to the SEMCO Engineering team and we could supply them with an efficient solution that did not require removing the old surface nor closing down the entire building.

SEMCO’s fast installation process and environmentally friendly X-BOND Seamless Stone would create a unique, modern and long-lasting surface in less than half the time required by other companies.


The desired finish of the surface was a polished concrete-like look in slight variances in shades of grey.

Due to the ease of application and fast drying times of the X-BOND Seamless Stone, the team could apply each coats during the night and the entire floor would be open to the public during the day without causing any restrictions.
The new approach to apply the Polished Bond Texture allowed the team to work in sections without visible lines in the end.

SEMCO London Lobby Haftbrücke
Case Study : London Art HouseSEMCO X-Bond Stone can be applied directly on any hard surface.

To achieve the modern and sleek look, the X-BOND Seamless Stone could be applied directly on top of the tiles throughout the lobby, creating a new sleek seamless surface without having to remove any existing surface and not causing more landfill waste.


Since X-BOND Seamless Stone was applied directly over the the existing tiles, the remodelling required no demolition and the environmental friendly solution meant to landfill waste and no noisy removal during day or night.
Each night the team applied 1-2 coats and due to exceptionally drying times of the system, residents and and office tenants were able to walk on the freshly applied surface in the morning already without causing any inconvenience.

SEMCO london Lobby Sichtschicht
Case Study : London Art HouseAfter the primer coat, 2 more skim coats with colour were applied.
SEMCO fugenloser Bodenbelag in Lobby London
Case Study : London Art HouseNo sanding, dust nor noise during the remodel.
SEMCO fugenloser Bodenbelag in Lobby London
Case Study : London Art HousePeople could walk on the surface the next morning.


After a week the main lobby and all the corridors were finished. All the floors were done at night only, so no inconvenience was caused for any of the residents.

SEMCO fugenloser Bodenbelag in Lobby London
Case Study : London Art HouseThe green products didn't cause any smell for the residents.
SEMCO fugenloser Bodenbelag in Lobby London
Case Study : London Art HouseThe green products didn't cause any smell for the residents.

Project Information

  • Preparation : SEMCO Power Cleaner and Stone Soap
  • Floors : SEMCO X-BOND Seamless Stone, Polished Bond, sealed X-Crete 400 and Crystal Coat Matt
  • Project size: 800 m2
  • Project year : 2016
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