Natural Stain

Innovative water-based concrete stain

Giving your concrete surface new color

Natural stain is an environmentally safe water-based system. It is the combination of a liquid base and a colour additive. Natural Stain is sprayed (using a spray gun) or rolled onto a vertical or horizontal concrete or masonry surface. The surface is then sealed with a gloss or matt sealer. The Natural Stain colour penetrates into the surface of the concrete. This results in a translucent colour finish which allows the trowel marks, variation and natural movement of the concrete to be visible through the stain. With its easy application process, it is also suitable for DIY projects and available at our online store.

Natural Stain can be applied as a single colour, yet more than one colour can be layered to customise a unique colour.

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DIY Concrete Stain

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DIY Concrete Stain
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