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Green Materials

SEMCO Seamless Surfaces is a thin-layered seamless surface coating, consisting of high-quality raw materials. The micro-topping can be applied directly on almost any solid surface in the interior, exterior and wet rooms. The coating is additionally sealed at the endow the application, which makes it waterproof, durable and easy to maintain.

Proven System

SEMCO Seamless Surfaces is the industry leader in developing surfacing products for floors, walls, decks and waterproofing. Our products are used by thousands of commercial and residential customers worldwide, from world-class Las Vegas resorts, to vibrant public school play yards, historical monuments, high-end retail stores, modern offices, and stunning residential interiors and exteriors.


Each SEMCO seamless surface is manually applied by a certified partner according to the SEMCO System Application Matrix. Every installer will add his personal note to your surface, individual and unique like a person’s handwriting.

Fast Application

With SEMCO’s special formulation of each component, the SEMCO X-Bond System allows fast application due to short drying time. In only a few days you can have brand new surface from start to end.


SEMCO is using UV-resistent organic liquid colour pigments. With over 1’000 colours we are sure that we can help you realise your desired colour concept.

Waterproof Membrane

Exceptional pliable strength/modulus of rupture coupled with SEMCO’s specially formulated stone system creates a surface that can withstand the rigors of moving substrates while still being 100% waterproof.

Seamless Surfaces
Commercial space with SEMCO Seamless Stone floor.
SEMCO fugenloser Bodenbelag in Lobby London
Modern seamless floor in a London Lobby
SEMCO Grand Designs
Each floor is unique in its own way

Remodel without Removal™

SEMCO surface engineers have perfected this method through the use of the X-Bond Seamless Stone, which chemically adheres to any existing hard surface. This system saves clients time and cost on their projects, while offering significant “GREEN” benefits.

Remodel Without Removal

One system


With SEMCO’s unique X-Bond system you can remodel any solid surface without the cost, inconvenience and potential environmental damage associated with the removal of the existing surface.

Seamless Surfaces
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